Business Licenses/Occupational Tax & Property Taxes

Business / Occupational Taxes

Business / Occupational Taxes and Business License Permits compliance is often a burden for most companies. RMBCPA offers Business License & Permit Services to alleviate the administrative burden for you. This buisness licenses permit is typicallyt handle tby the County in which you do business.  It is considered a Tax or a License, and is typically required for any office location you operate your business from, including Home based businesses. Our solution is customized to your operations and is scalable based on the changing needs of your business.  

Property Taxes

Property tax is one of the largest recurring operating expenses associated with tangible asset ownership. Many owners are unaware which items or costs are taxable, which items are being assessed or how property is being valued.  In some cases , your products inventory remaining at year-end may be considered property taxable.

We assist clients in identifying tax saving opportunities by reviewing their tangible property portfolio and associated property tax assessments and liabilities. Through our diligence, we generate millions of dollars in property tax savings for clients worldwide.

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